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Shocked!!! Four Arrested For Selling 3-Yr-Old Boy, Attempt To Kill His Mother

Four suspects have been accused of selling a three-year-old boy for N850,000 and attempting to kill his mother, Miss Favour Ifowe.
The perpetrators included Miss Favour Ifowe's boyfriend, Prince Josiah, an officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) serving in Abia State, a self acclaimed medical doctor and a woman alleged to be the buyer of the stolen child.
It was gathered that all of them conspired to kill a young mother after the child was sold. Luckily for the 23-year-old lady the deadly act was avoided as the police nabbed the offenders and took them to GRA Police Station in Asaba for further investigation.
As it turned out later Favour Ifowe and her son, Ezra, who suffers from a pile-related ailment, were lured by Prince Josiah from her home town, Otor-Owhe in Isoko North Local Government Area to Asaba, under the pretext of showing the boy to a woman who could cure the hemorrhoids.
On getting to Koka Junction in Asaba, Ifowe met her boyfriend with two other suspects and headed to a village in Abia State, where the boy was sold to an unnamed woman. Four suspects are in custody while the investigation continues.

Interested or Not: How to Read Body Language

Trying to figure out whether a guy is interested in you or not just got easier. One of the most telling signs that a guy is interested doesn't come from him actually saying those words, it's the way his face looks and the way his body is positioned around yours. If you're wondering whether the guy at the end of the bar is interested or not, all you have to do is watch the way his body moves. We got the expert advice on how to read body language, from moves men make when they're interested to what to watch for when they're not.
People's body language and body chemistry says all you need to know about what they're thinking and feeling. We spoke with Joe Navarro, body language expert and author of What Every Body is Saying, regarding the way the body does all the talking. "In dating, what scientists call courtship rituals, it's primarily about nonverbal communication," says Navarro. "It's staggering how little of it has to do with words being said."
Learning how to read body language will help you decode the signals others send you. The moves the body makes subconsciously sends out signals to the opposite s*x to show interest or to say "back off." Read on to find out whether or not the hottie at the end of the bar is feeling your casual glances, or if he's much more interested in the exit sign behind you. And, it's not just male body language, it's the same for the body language of women. So, before you overanalyze the words coming out of your interest's mouth, read through these basics on how to read body language.
Wide Open
If he's interested in you—and you, him—the natural reaction is for your body to open up in order for you to capture the other person's essence. Your eyebrows will arch, allowing your eyes to open wide. Your eyes will also dilate so you can "see" more of what piqued your interest. "When we first meet someone we like, we tend to see things even at a distance," says Navarro. "The arching of the eyebrows in translated to being happily contented. It has a potent message that you're welcoming the person. Opening up the eyes lets in more light; it allows us to see the person more clearly."
Not only do the eyes open and dilate, the nose does as well. Navarro says this allows us to "absorb this person's chemistry." The nostrils widen to inhale the scent of your potential lover. Their body chemistry sends out pheromones meant to attract the opposite s*x. Larger eyes, bigger nostrils; all better to see and smell with, my dear.
Looking Good
We're not talking about dressing up in your Sunday best. One major body language move that tells when a person is interested is when they're fixing themselves up—known as preening behaviors. Men will fix their collars, sit or stand up taller, puff out their chests. Women tend to fix their hair and move it away from their faces so guys can get a better look. If you find your interest tidying up—or you catch yourself doing the same—they're subconsciously saying that they want to look good for you. So keep looking.
Full Frontal
No, not that kind of front action. We're talking about positioning the body, and body parts, so the person you're interested in gets a front row seat to the show that is you and vice versa. "Habitually, especially in dating, exposing our ventral [front] side is a s*xual cue to the other person," says Navarro. This full frontal allows the opposite s*x to see that you're interested and also says they're interested. And it's not just the body, it's also allowing the opposite s*x a view of your neck or the inside of your arm and wrist—all sensitive areas that begged to be touched. The more you can see the front of the body and certain body parts, the more attracted to you they are and vice versa. Turn your body full frontal and see if he mirrors you. Yes? Game on, sister.
He's Just Not Interested
If you're not positive that the position of your interest's body language is in tune with yours, check out the feet for confirmation. If someone is interested in you, their feet will be turned toward you. If their feet are pointed in the direction of the nearest exit, you may need to take your flirt elsewhere. "The feet are the most actual part of the body," says Navarro. "If I don't like you, my feet won't go near you. When we like someone, we orient our feet closer and toward them or, if not, we will literally turn our feet toward an exit—trying to get away."

Source: divinecaroline.com

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister

The wife of Cameroon's Vice Prime Minister,
Am*dou Ali, was kidnapped this morning July
27th after men of the Boko Haram sect stormed
her home in the northern town of Kolofata,
Cameroon's information minister and government
spokesman revealed.
Mrs Ali was kidnapped alongside her domestic
staff and one other person. The insurgents also
killed 3 people in the attack on Kolofata, a town
in Cameroon's Far North Region near Nigeria
Colonel Felix Nji Formekong, the second
commander of Cameroon's third inter-army
military region (RMIA3) based in the regional
headquarters of Maroua, said the sect members
are believed to still be in the town fiercely
engaging military officers
"The situation is very critical here now,
and as I am talking to you the Boko
Haram elements are still in Kolofata
town in a clash with our soldiers.
Some of them have already taken
away the wife of Vice Prime Minister
Ahm*dou Ali and her house help
while the bodyguards of the Vice
Prime Minister have succeeded in
taking him out of the town to Mora,"
Formekong said, adding that there
could be more casualties" he said

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Olamide and the Love of his life feeling like Badest couple ever liveth.see photo

Olamide and his girlfriend are so so doing like Maried couples who understand things,we've never heard of them fighting or having problems..
Olamide's girlfriend is the only girlfriend out of the young guys in the industry, who is mostly respected. She's his one and only and he respects her as a man does his woman. Wishing them joy and happiness and we pray this leads to Marriage soon!
He captioned the photo: "I don't know about u but I know about us.. d only way we know how to rock"

WTF!!! Former MBGN Anna Banner exposes cleavage in new photo..see here pic

Anna Banner was the MBGN(Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria) in 2013,she recently handed the crown to the new queen of 2014 before taking this photos!!
What do you think of the photo above

Runtown Rebukes claims that he sold AYE to Davio.see what he had to Say

Runtown who had been silent for some time now has come out of the controversies surrounding Davido's hit Song, "Aye" , it was being said all Naija that the song was composed and written by Runtown.
However, the fast rising indigenous singer Runtown has come out to counter the mosion of the claims.
Reacting to the rumours he heard, the Garllado crooner said, "Davido has had a number of interviews where he spoke how the song came about. So if you want to learn more about Aye ask David or read his interviews."
when he was asked further if he sold the song to Davido,he said; "The first time I heard the report, I felt it was nobody's business to raise such issues . I know we are in Africa and people like to ask questions, but it is certainly none of my business.
"Maybe the song sounds like something I would have done myself, perhaps that is why people are saying so." Runtown stated.

Shocking!!! Ghanian girl who's se,x tape leaked online is not dead after suicide???

I know the new of the Ghanian girl who's se,x Tape leaked online recently and rumour has it that she is dead,well she isn't dead my dear,she is pretty much alive.
Read what she updated recently below:
"I'm most proud of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me, in my life. He's given me the vision to truly see that you can fall down, but you can still get back up. Hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes and have the opportunity to strengthen and improve the next thing I do. Secondly, I am here today to apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my neighbours and my constituents, but I make it particularly to parents. I am not here to explain anything to anyone.. We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past… We learn from failure, not from success! I am glad that I paid so little attention to your criticism…and pls am not dead"
We are sure you all must have heard rumours of her death, I think you know better now. Lest we are we forget, remember when we posted the immoral act put into movie by her and her boyfriend, she had just 7,628 followers on facebook,oh really, if it's fame she is looking for , she has quite gotten it, 'cos her followers have increased to 19,488 followers between then and now

Saturday, 26 July 2014

UPDATE: “Sheikh Zakzaky’s Son, 10 Others Killed In Nigerian troops, Shiite Muslims Clash”

Nigerian Shiite Muslims have accused Nigerian troops of killing 11 of their members and injuring 40 others in a clash between the group and soldiers in Zaria on Friday.
In a statement on Friday night, the group said among those gunned down were Mahmud, the son of the leader of the group, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, as well as a woman with a baby strapped to her back.
Ibrahim Musa, the editor of Al-Mizan, the weekly newspaper published by the group, said in a statement, "Reports reaching our news desk now indicated that some soldiers of the Nigerian army have opened fire on the tail end of the Quds procession held after Jumaat prayers in Zaria, Kaduna State.
Mahmud Ibrahim Zakzaky
"The procession, which took off from Sabon Gari Jumaat Mosque, reached Kofar Doka peacefully with no incident. However some soldiers attacked the procession [at the] PZ junction in Zaria.
"They shot Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky, but [his body] was taken away by the Muslim brothers. But several [other] Muslim brothers were shot by the security agents.
"As at the time of writing this report, there is no confirmation on the number of Muslim brothers shot or killed by the soldiers, but our [sources] say five people were killed. The Quds procession was held today peacefully in more than 10 Nigerian cities. Why the attack on the Zaria procession?
"[The] latest report on the attack by soldiers on Quds peaceful procession is that ten Muslim brothers were gunned down by the soldiers, among them Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky, son of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, and a Muslim sister with her child on her back. There are over 40 Muslim brothers' casualties with different degrees of gunshots by the soldiers. The story is still unfolding, with reinforcement of soldiers coming from Kaduna, according to our news sources."
The military did not respond to requests for comment. Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, did not respond to calls to his mobile telephone.
The spokesperson for the Kaduna-based 1 Mechanized Division of the Nigeria Army, Usman Abdullahi, said he would provide details later.
PREMIUM TIMES had earlier quoted residents who narrated how soldiers exchanged fire with members of the group who were on a procession around the PZ area of the town, in response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
Other residents however said the Shiite members were unarmed and that it was soldiers who opened fire on them as they moved through the city.
The procession, called Muzahara, is an annual ritual after the Ramadan, during which thousands of faithful walk around the city dressed in black.
This year, the Shiites dedicated the march to protesting the ongoing fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.
Residents reported prolonged gunfire that lasted about an hour.
One resident said he saw five bodies taken away from the scene of the shooting.
"I can't really ascertain what happened, but I saw five unidentified corpse taken away from the scene," the resident, a Shiite Muslim, said.
Another witness said the incident occurred when military personnel tried to force their way through the crowd of Shiite followers.
"Mahmud, one of Shiekh Ibrahim El-Zakzaki's son is shot and the second son Ahmed was arrested and taken away by the security. Mahmood is however, not dead," a witness, Musa Ali, said.
Residents scampered for safety after gunfire erupted, and shop owners closed for the day, Mr. Ali said.
Earlier, a witness had told PREMIUM TIMES that no life was lost in the encounter.
Zaria is the second major city in Kaduna State, and near the state capital, Kaduna, where twin bomb blasts killed more than 40 people on Wednesday.

Kannywood Movie Review: Kaddara Ko Fansa

The storyline was shoddily presented.
Director:Ahmed Bifa
Starring:Adam Zango, Rahama Sadau
Kaddara ko Fansa is about an angry young woman who is determined to take revenge for the events in her past by killing any man she comes in contact with.
Maimuna (Rahama Sadau) grew up in a motherless babies' home. She lost her virginity at a very young age through rape. As an adult, she was mocked in her community for being a bastard. Each time she finds a man she wishes to marry, the news of her parentage would somehow get to the prospective groom's parents, putting paid to the relationship.
Eventually, Maimuna decides to get back at society for her misfortune by killing her new suitors.
Using her beauty, she seduces men and for fun, poisons them.
After a string of unexplained murders, a policeman, Yerima (Adam Zango) eventually gets on her trail. He then pretends to fall in love with her in order to catch her in the act.
Although the actors gave their best in their roles, the storyline was rather hurriedly presented. Maimuna's reasons for becoming a serial killer was not properly established and over-exaggerated for effect.
The continuity was poor, leaving one a bit confused at some points.
The end of the movie was anti-climactic and failed to gel with the build-up to it.
On a scale of 10, I would give Kaddara ko Fansa a three.

Kannywood’s Nafisa Abdullahi denies quitting movie industry

Nafisa says the rumor that she quit the movie industry is being peddled by mischief makers.
Nafisa Abdullahi, aKannywoodstar actress, has denied speculations making round that she has quit the movie industry.
She described the speculation as mischievous.
"This is the work of mischiefs, I never thought of quitting the kannywood movie industry," Nafisa said.
Popularly called the princess of kannywood as a result of the roles she played in the movies, Danmarayan Zaki, Zurfin Ciki and Zango, her name has since become a house hold one in many northern cities.
Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES, Nafisa enthusiastically announced her commitment to acting.
"I am determined to excel in my career," she said.
Some of her colleagues attest to her acting prowess and described her as the actress to beat.
Muhammadu Amin, a director and actor in the Kannywood industry, said "Nafisa is the actress to beat now in the kannywood, no doubt about that. She is good and no one can doubt that. What has been going round is the work of 'player haters' and mischievous people.
Another colleague, Hassana Dalhat, told PREMIUM TIMES that Nafisa's "increasing fame in the Kannywood is not surprising because she is the only female actress that can play any role given to her and do it marvelously,
"In fact she is just the best now," she added.
Nafisa, who is currently on vacation, is set to resume her acting roles any moment from now.

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